• Peace & Compassion Book Study Group

    Based on the peace and compassion workshops we held earlier this year, which were facilitated by World Economic Forum Social Entrepreneur of the year, Mary Anne Muller, the BFRCD will be hosting a peace and compassion book study group.

    The book, A Change of Heart, aims to nurture peace and compassion from within; in order to be able to affect peace in our external environments we must first cultivate peace inwardly.

    The study group is intended to stimulate thought, reflection and discussion. However, it will be a personal development journey. In other words, there will be no advice-giving, preaching, or judging.

    Those who are interested in taking this journey should contact our Board Secretary, Leena Al Olaimy on leena[at]bfrcd.org so that we can order a copy of the book for you. Logistics, time, and frequency of meetings will be determined based on interested parties.
    Kindly note that unfortunately, the book is currently only available in English.

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